J + C United in marriage (lawfully)

My SIL, is officially married to her beau, Jefv at Marriage Registrar's office this morning. Hubby and I were their witnesses. Beautiful ceremony. Welcome to the family Jefv. May God bless your union.

After the marriage ceremony, we headed to Silk Garden for our lunch (food tasting for the dinner reception).

Love the desserts

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Inobong hike

Since LSD was cancelled, Inobong was up for a plan and the three stooges managed to meet up and did the hike. Perfect weather we thank you God.

Along the way we met Michelle Kugan, Nicky Kula, Susan Muda and also my cousin Jude Bingkasan with his running buddies. 

Another awesome hiking.

The three stooges on a mission

We met Regina Makajil with her beau, Bon

PRG's angels

Our reward for a job well done in completing our hike today

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D + J

Congrats Mr & Mrs Dhillon Tahing

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Tahing's clan CNY gathering

After our family reunion dinner (Fong's side) last night, we celebrated CNY for the Tahing's clan on the next day. This year we decided to have the celebration on potluck basis as opposed to catered food in the previous years.

Of course the angpau distributions was the highlight as well as the karaoke session, family photos and gambling sessions. We had so much fun meeting all relatives and friends who came to join us.

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

Family photo

Our family picture for 2017


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Family Reunion Dinner

Every year, we gather at Moing Augusta's house to usher the new year of Chinese calendar. This year we bid good bye to the year of Monkey and welcome the year of Rooster. Each family brings one or two dishes for the dinner. After dinner, children and those who are 21 years old and below will be given hangpaos by us. I hope this year will be a better year to all of us. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Photo credit: Chriscyeelynn Christopher Fong

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3 in 1 Birthday at Dampa

These three birthday kids are the children of aunty Esther Tamin & uncle Joseph Loling.

Olaf and Minnie Mouse came

With Datuk Irene Benggon-Charuruks (dad'a cousin)

A picture with Datuk, mum and my kids

Wefie with Datuk

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Happy Birthday sweetie!

Name: Kiara Isabelle 
Parents: Stanley Peter Jaua & Grace Debra Anson
Birthday: 20 August 2016
Weight: 2.7kg

Happy Birthday to Kiara Isabelle Stanley Jaua, newborn of Jaua clan. Congrats to Grace and my cousin, Stanley. Welcome to parenting world Tan & Deb!

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Welcome Chrishen Allvian!

Name: Chrishen Allvian James Paran
DOB: 8 August 2016
Weight: 3.77kg
Length: 51cm

Happy Birthday baby Chrishen!

Congrats to Tina & James on their new arrival.

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Hari Raya at Addy's

We received the open house invitation via our group chat #sabah undernet (mirc era).

Thank you addy for the lovely food and hospitality.

Session full of laughters and reminisced the yesteryears.

Selamat Hari Raya!!

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Mount Kinabalu Climb

My last climb was 20+ years ago. Yes, long time ago. The reason why I wanted to scale the mountain again is because I want to challenge myself if I can do it again. Reminisce the route one more time. So, here we go:

8 July: 
We started our journey from Penampang at 6am and reached Kinabalu Park around 7.30am. Registered my group and 2 guides assigned to us, Johnny & Joseph. Porters sorted and off we go to Timpohon gate.

With Jane & her daughter Nadia Izzabel

Briefing by one of the guides (malim gunung), Encik Johnny

Group picture by Trinna

Have a safe journey

My number

Off we go at 9.00am from Timpohon gate

Arrived at Laban Rata approximately 6hours plus

My good friend Jane Bingthau

Group picture
Left to right: Nadia Izzabel, Alvinah Yvonne, moi, Jane Bingthau, Raimin Santong, Kolewitah, Berry Michael, Trinna Joyce & Smith Ationg

We had dinner at 4.30pm and slept early (after tossing and turning so many times). Woke up before midnight and prepped for our early morning climb to the peak.

9 July: 
I put on 3 layers of clothings, buff for my hair and buff for my neck plus a jacket. We had our supper at 2am and started to make our way up at 2.50am. 

The restaurant

The temperature

It was very windy and cold. And of course the neverending stairs to climb and wait till you get to the rocky area where you have to hold and pull yourself up. I had altitude sickness and my dear friend Jane Bingthau handed me one pill to ease the sickness. When we reached Sayat-Sayat Checkpoint (7km), we registered ourselves. Half way to 8km, I wanted to give up. Literally, I dropped myself on the ground exhausted. Shortness of breathe, strong wind, coldness to the bones (despite layers of clothings) and altitude sickness. But seeing mother daughter team and firstimers (Jane and her daughter Ebel) pushing themselves on the rope gave me instant boost to continue. Our wonderful guide Joseph gave me words of encouragement and lifted my spirits to continue. So I got up and put my two hands on the rope and pulled myself up towards Jane and Ebel. But Ebel was also wanted to give up. Jane and I pushed her to continue. I can see Ebel forced herself to push herself (good job Ebel) and with Jane's constant motivational words "pelan-pelan Bel", "ok k rehat dulu", etc. Love of a mother (that's you Jane!). 

We managed to reach the KM8 and its another 700m up! It was freezing! Told Jane and Ebel we are almost at the peak as South Peak and Donkey Ear are visible that time. We need to reach the Lows Peak by 7am and the struggles we went through could not be described in words. We kept on encouraging ourselves we hafta to reach the peak no matter what. We are almost there anyhow! And yes we did! All three of us were tearing. We freaking did it! 

We did it!!!

Our other team members descended earlier as the mist was thick and no way you could take good pictures. 
Our guide advised us to make our way down as rain might pour. Descending was fast. Along the way, we saw the devastating earthquake aftermath. I silently prayed for all the victims. May their souls rest in peace. We reached Laban Rata before 10am.

We took our breakfast and started packing. We took some group pictures and headed down at 11am. I reached Timpohon nearly 3pm. Last PRG member arrived at 4pm. 

Just arrived at Timpohon

We made our way to Blassam Restaurant to have our late lunch. Our driver gave us our certs. 

We made our way down from Kundasang at 4.45pm and arrived KK at 6.30pm. 

Congrats to all climbers!

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Kids' First Holy Communion

After days of preparation (scouting for white shoes and dresses and white pants for Sean). The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived. We arrived at the church an hour earlier. Prepping the kids for final touch. Then hubby and I proceeded to our seats.

The church where my husband and I got married, kids baptisms and now their 1st Holy Communion.

Prepping Master S

Tying his bowtie

Daddy said smile!

Selina on her way to take her prime communion


Sean waiting anxiously for his turn

The body of Christ

You did it!

Shayna all smile

Our Selina all grown up

Group picture

Boys only

Girls only

Family picture

Family picture with mom/dodu

With cousin Damien Shenton

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